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White City Devil

Selene | Moon Manifestation Candle

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The Selene Moon Manifestation Candle is a collaboration between White City Devil and Vivian H. of Stars in Alignment Astrology. They have been handmade by White City Devil & ritually charged by Vivian of Stars in Alignment.



This candle is a blend of woody cedar, earthy saffron & herbaceous lavender. Cedar was chosen for its cleansing & grounding properties. Saffron & lavender were both chosen for their association with the moon. Saffron has a variety of uses for magickal purposes such as strength, protection, and enhancing divination. Lavender not only has been used to help ease depression, but it is a natural sedative to help calm and relax, as well as a protective and cleansing herb.

These one of a kind candles are created to use in a moment when the planetary energy is the strongest. The use of these candles is a ritual that invokes the energy of that planetary hour. Use this candle to help manifest your goals with these candles that embody the energy of the universe. 

The Sun which represents "the ideal picture or story" was exalted in the sign of Aries.

The Moon was exalted in the sign of Taurus and represents the way this picture plays out.

We have the two malefics working together as "builders" 

These three things captured a perfect moment for manifesting something, particularly around the subject of a sense of self or identity.  The "builders" are in the 10th house of reputation or action within the chart.

Each candle comes with a selenite wand✨🌙

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TIP: Please trim your wick before EVERY BURN. No matter what wax, no matter what type of wick, if your wick gets too high it will burn hotter causing more carbon build-up and creating soot. It will also burn through your candle faster.

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