White City Devil Candles.

Small batch artisan candles & more.

Creating uniquely scented candles inspired by a spooky lifestyle.


Cryptic Creations Market 10/17

Come one, come all to the Cryptic Creations Dark Market! 16 local artists & creators will be gathering at Metropolitan brewery to sell their creations, come on down for a spooky good time.

Wax Warmer Restock 10/07

Wax Melter/Oil Burner restock preorder on 10/07 at 8PM EST.

These items will be available to ship by 10/20.


Missed out on the first launch of the All Hallow's Eve Collection? Fear not, a restock is heading your way. Preorders open 10/07 at 8PM CST and will close on 10/18 at 8PM CST.

All preorders will be ready to ship by 10/20.

Find WCD in select boutiques!

Did you know that you can find select WCD candles in stores? Check out Space Oddities in Humboldt Park or Quimby's Bookstore in Wicker Park of Chicago.

Space Oddities has freshly been restocked with Witches Circle, Baba Yaga & Halloween.

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

Find your magick & light a fire within. It is a beautiful thing to be able to share magick, bringing light into your home with every single candle ritually hand poured from my home to yours.

White City Devil candles are amongst the finest quality I've ever had! They smell great, they burn well, and the containers are reusable. And the seller is an absolutely delightful human! Will be buying many more."

Corey P.

I received a sea salt & orchid candle as a gift, and I. Am. Obsessed! This is my favorite scent ever! I lit it every night, and it lasted a long time! I had to buy another one because I can't not have my home smell like this. If you're a fan of orchid, I highly recommend this candle. It shipped immediately and came in very nice packaging.


A purple skull that smells like sugary cereal? Yes! It's perfect. The scent is great. I really appreciate the card with its burning tips and the included matches are perfect for an altar.

Denise M.

Beyond my wildest expectations! Even my husband loves the scent and styling.

Robyn H.

Like the exit music of a storm waving farewell, wafting a warm midsummer breeze over the seashore, sending the scent of petrichor through my door. A surprise favorite.

-Corey P.

I've been buying from White City Devil for about a year now, and the quality has gone from great to greater. She's makin all the best candles, and my wife and I are lovin the scents and packaging- it's all so well done. The Halloween 2021 sampler pack is a good batch of spooky mood setting candles! I love the Malum Malus, and my wife likes the Mulled Wine! These are now a necessity for Halloween at our house from now on.

Troy F.

Divine. The scent and expectations exceeded what I imagined. White city devil you are an artist!


I am absolutely in LOVE with the Blood Moon set. Every item is well crafted and smells intoxicating. I also love the partnership with a fellow Stars In Alignment. Women supporting women!


Jen is amazing and she puts so much love into everything she creates. I have loved every single item I’ve purchased and received from her shop. I also started ordering things as gifts for others. Her packaging and presentation is beautiful. I would recommend her shop to everyone 🙏🏽

Cecily C.

White city devil llc

Who We Are:

WCD is owned by Jen(she/her) practicing witch & proud queer. What began as an adoring hobby sparked into a passionate business. With a need for a creative outlet & a desire to share her interests, White City Devil was born. In a niche corner of the candle market, Jen wanted a name that would perfectly capture her aesthetic. White City Devil takes its name inspired by the book "Devil in the White City," a non-fiction novel written about the infamous murderer H.H. Holmes & the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, more famously known as the White City.

"My candles are an extension of me, my personal interests & what is meaningful to me. Many of my creations are inspired by folklore, magick, horror, literature, metal music as well as true-crime."

xoxo Jen Den

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